Book Review: How to Attract Money Using Mind Power by James Goi Jr.

How to Attract Money Using Mind Power
by James Goi Jr.

This slim (101 pp.) book is an essential primer for all things Abundance Consciousness. Its 20 chapters cover 20 essential principles of the Law of Attraction and the metaphysics of prosperity, including Desire, Visualization, Intuition, Right Livelihood and Expectancy. Heck, this book would be valuable were it just the bibliography of more than 150 books called upon in writing “How to Attract Money…”! Liberal quotes from these books and their authors throughout the book help illuminate all the nuances of the chapters’ principles.

I find myself referring to “How to Attract Money…” regularly to clarify terms and principles for myself and others. I like that the book is lightweight enough to slip into my handbag and carry with me when I travel. Highly recommended, for the beginner and aficionado alike.


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